Oct 18, 2011

HostMonster WordPress Hosting

HostMonster WordPress Hosting is like getting the best of both worlds when choosing to host your website with HostMonster. Then choosing to manage your website with WordPress is a great way create a professional website with HostMonster WordPress Hosting.
HostMonster WordPress Hosting is a combination of the best web hosting and the best blogging and content management system (CMS) around. There are tons of benefits of having access to HostMonster WordPress Hosting including extra features and a still-low monthly payment. WordPress is a CMS, which means you can create your entire website using the tools from WordPress. WordPress tools and features like themes, plugins and widgets work to help you design a website that is professional yet innovative. Another one of the best parts to HostMonster WordPress Hosting is that it can easily be updated whenever there is a desire or need to do so.

Getting Started with HostMonster WordPress Hosting:
After signing up with a HostMonster web hosting account, there are a few ways to control your website. You can use the free website design and website builder tools to design the entire look of your site. In addition, you can access the HostMonster Control Panel that allows you to access your WordPress tool. From inside the control panel, you can access the WordPress icon and begin the installation process using SimpleScripts, which makes the installation process only take a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. For those who are new to web hosting and have never used WordPress, this is a simple solution to begin combining the efforts of HostMonster and WordPress. After installation, users now have the opportunity to choose a theme that will dictate the overall look and design of the website. These themes are available via WordPress or through individual design companies. If you really want to have a different-looking theme, it is easy to have an individual web designer build a custom web design and theme if you don’t mind spending a little money for the project.

HostMonster WordPress Hosting Features:
In addition to the WordPress theme, users can also add in various WordPress plugins and widgets to enhance the look and functionality of their HostMonster WordPress hosted website. Choosing tools like the WordPress calendar widget and video and audio streaming plugins and tools are helpful because not only do they enhance the overall look and appearance of the website, but they also provide your web visitors with more options and tools to help them navigate your website. For many website owners, starting up a website to build an online business is a great way to attract more customers. Having access to not only the HostMonster web hosting tools and features like ecommerce and marketing services, users can also make a website using all of the design and functionality features that come with WordPress.
Having a blog in association with your website is also a good idea even if you choose not to use WordPress for the entire content management system. This is great because it can connect your website to other locations on the web, which can increase your chances of getting found online. This is the best way to increase business. The only way to generate a bigger clientele on the Internet is from exposure. By adding a blog using WordPress to your HostMonster website, it is helpful in that effort to get your business name out to more people online.
To learn more about HostMonster WordPress Hosting, take a few minutes to check out the HostMonster website for a complete listing of all of the tools and features for a great web hosting experience that WordPress has to offer.

HostMonster $3.95 WordPress Hosting


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